About us

The Brand 
Momofactum is a dog life-style brand that manufacture products with the purpose of connecting hounds and their beautiful humans. 
Our products are designed in Germany and follow a classic design that meets the daily needs of the urban dog while at the same time creating a great addition to your home and life without feeling the need of hiding them.


The Founder

Founder and Designer of the brand is Yoana Lesinger. Born and raised in Bulgaria Yoana discovered her love for design and art and studied architecture in Germany. For the last 10 years she worked as an architect in Germany and Switzerland.

The inspiration behind Momofactum is a 5-year old Parson Russell Terrier Momo who gives his best while testing the products with utmost respect for the traditions of destruction.

Drawn to her passion for product-design and with Momo as an inspiration by her side the brand Momofactum was borned. The company Momofactum went live in august 2018.

Yoana and Momo currently live in Freiburg, Germany.

Contact: yoana@momofactum.com

The Team
We wanted to showcase our respect for beautifully handcrafted products. With that in mind we partnered with a great team of gifted people, most of whom are located in Bulgaria. Inspired by our Bulgarian roots and well-established traditions for handcrafts there, we created products that are 100% hand-made in an ethical environment and made out of high quality and natural materials. All of our efforts represent our love and way of thinking about our furry friends.


The Mission

Despite the fact that we are just now starting to learn how to walk as a new company, we are eager to spread the love and dedicate funds to a cause saving animals in need. This is why we have partnered with a non-profit rescue organization called Zoo.Volunteers.Haskovo in Bulgaria. Sadly, Bulgaria is a country that still struggles with how to handle stray animals and it needs a lot of help. Zoo.Volunteers.Haskovo is a non-profit organization depending only on a small group of volunteers, all of whom share great love for animals and are determined to make a difference. We have offered our support by donating 10% of every purchase to them. 

 Here is a story we would like to share:

An old man was going for a walk, when he noticed a little boy feeding a thin, shaggy looking dog with bits of bread.

He went up to the boy and asked him why he was sharing his bread with the dogs.
The little boy answered, „Because they have nothing. No home, no family, and if I don’t feed them they will die.“
„But there are homeless dogs everywhere,“ the old man replied. „So your efforts don’t really make a difference.“
The little boy looked at the dog and stroked him. „But for this little dog, it makes all the difference in the world.“

For more information about Zoo. Volunteers.Haskovo just visit www.zoodobrovolci-haskovo.com or their facebook group. You can also donate directly or help by adopting your new best friend from all the homeless dogs and cats they are taking care of. If you are interested and determined to make even bigger difference just contact us. We will gladly support you and help you with that.