Care Guide


The full-grain leather is a natural product that offers the highest level of durability and breathability. In addition, the leather keeps its natural imperfections, such as cuts, insect bites, stretch marks and neck folds, thus preserving its authenticity. Getting softer with every use the material shapes around your dog's body like a second skin giving you on the other side a comfortable and gentle grip.

The full-grain leather ages beautifully and develops a noble unique patina over time becoming a bit darker.

Be careful in rain, for leather is not water resistant and stretches more when wet. 

We recommend greasing the leather from time to time so it remains soft and supple.


How to clean:

To avoid possible discoloration, you should remove dirt immediately and let it dry.

Wipe off the rest with a soft cloth and some soapy water.

Let it to dry before enjoying again.