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A treat for all those furry babies who don’t like buttons, zippers and tiny paw-holes, Softy Neck comes to the rescue as cold weather is upon us. Just like Fuzzy Neck, this simpler, but just as effective fleece version of the beloved accessory, completes your pup’s winter style in a cosy and smart way.

Softy Neck is the perfect solution for chillier days. This particular high neck is just as warm and soft, as comfortable and airy and makes going out a joyful event. Last, but not least, this beautiful accessory is handmade with love and it comes in a grey color. 

S - neck up to 30cm - Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua
M - neck up to 40cm - Jack Russell, Dachshund, Frenchie
L - neck up to 50cm - Small Labradors, English Bulldog